Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vintage-style Valentine's Day Paper Bag Album - $44.99 SOLD!

Vintage-style Halloween Paper Bag Album - $44.99 SOLD!

"The Journey Home" Framed collage art - $49.99 SOLD!

"Little Witches" framed collage art - $29.99

"King of Hearts" framed artwork - $29.99

"Our Boy" scrapbook $24.99 SOLD!

"Captured Fairy" pocket watch pendant - $29.99 SOLD!

"Petite Royale" Handmade keepsake Tiara - $29.99 SOLD!

"Mini Notes" tablet - $8.99 SOLD!

"Vintage Travel" Journal - $17.95 SOLD!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Beach Beauty" party hat keepsake $19.99 SOLD!

"Live The Dance" framed art $49.99 SOLD!

"Sisters Are We" locket $32.99 SOLD!

"Cupid's Arrows" Storage Box $34.99 SOLD!!

"Beautiful Things" Journal $14.99 SOLD!!

"Tis the Season" keepsake box $14.95

"Baby Face" Brooch $15 - SOLD!

Made using the top half of an old fork that I twisted and curled. I placed a vintage eye glass on top with the picture of a darling little angel and added sparkling swarovski crystals to emphasize her rosy cheeks.

"I Dream of Paris" keychain - $18 SOLD!

"Art" Assemblage $15.99

Created using vintage bingo cards and scrabble tiles, a tiny vial filled with silver star confetti and tiny little white flowers and topped with a miniature vintage domino.

"A Princess Takes A Break" $21.99

"I Caught The Song Of My Heart" Statuette $29.99

Made using old French newspaper copies and vintage German glass glitter with an antique typewriter key.

"Spring Dreams" necklace $25 - SOLD!

Made using vintage rescued and refurbished jewelry and settings with sparkling swarovski crystals and a vintage opal.

"Cozy Little Love Shack" - $44.99 SOLD!

"Just Perfect" Clipboard - $17.95 SOLD!

So adorably shabby chic with a vintage rescued jewelry accent at the bottom.

"Back to School" Clipboard - $17.95 - SOLD!

Perfect gift idea!

"Dream" Fabric & Leather bound Journal $17.95 SOLD!

"Family Traditions" mini scrapbook $29.99 - SOLD!

12 beautifull decorated pages for you to fill with your own personal family memories and photos!

"Enchanted Songbird" necklace $25 SOLD!

Made using a vintage rescued and refurbished faux pearl necklace, a gold vintage jewelry setting and sparkling swarovski crystals.

"Let Your Light So Shine" - $29.99 SOLD!

"Time Flies" - $29.99 SOLD!

Made using a vintage pocket watch face and an old bottle cap (for wings).

"Queen Bee" necklace and brooch set - $40 SOLD!

Made using vintage jewelry setting, modern bee charm and sparkling swarovski crystals. Necklace hangs by a soft chocolate brown velvety ribbon.

"The Player" - $39.99 SOLD!

Made using vintage bingo cards and scrabble tiles, vintage photos and grungy ticket stubs.

"Baubles and Buttons" bracelet - SOLD!

Made using a faux pearl bracelet with vintage buttons, modern fabric buttons and vintage gold dime clasps.